Toys, Toys, Toys…


Recently I discovered the French brand Djeco in a little store in the city when purchasing puzzles for our kids.

A few days ago we assembled one of the puzzles as you can see below. At home I went to Djeco’s website to check it out and I was stunned!

The brand produces wonderful, funny, imaginative toys. Lovely, unique fairytale puzzles for all ages. Music instruments, magician books, dolls, educational toys and games. Toys for the smallest ones, from 18 months on. Toys and games for kids up to 14 years. And last not least creative activity boxes for kids of all ages! My artist heart made a jump!🙂 And everything at a reasonable price!



Do your kids play with toys from Djeco? Drop me a line and let know how you and your kids like them!


Hedgehog leggings in the house!


Finally! Today I finally acquired this lovely pair of leggings from Blade&Rose in a wonderful kids store in Wismar, Germany. I had been longing to get one or two or more for our wee one for a long time. The funky design and cosy material make these leggings a must in the autumn season. I would however recommend buying one size bigger than the usual size if your kid is a bit taller than average😉

hallway decoration

IMG_20150730_210459 IMG_20150730_191721

Today we finally got hooks for the kids corner in the hallway. Matching the small, wooden bench we found at a local flea market and the black board on the wardrobe it suddenly got so cosy!

The wooden circular hooks with a subtle animal print are easy to mount on the wall and by the Danish brand done by deer. please notice the slogan “hook me up” on the package, genius!

Star hat and t-shirt

head   shirt

Yes, I made it finally! After I had started sewing before my son was born (the baby harlem pants), I finally used the left over material to make the long planned t-shirt and hat (well my friend made that one, saving some material that was originally meant to become a baby t-shirt size 62- thank you Blenda!).

For the shirt I made a pattern from another t-shirt, size 74 I had. Interestingly the cut turned out to be a bit of a surfer t-shirt.

Now the star suit is complete!

I love how all of the items shine so much on their own but are also so fantastic together🙂 Pants and shirt are not only day clothes but can also be used as light night clothes. The hat is so light, yet still covering the ears and hence perfect for a summer day, as for having the little one sleeping outside in the pram or in the car seat.

The bib in the picture had been made already some time ago (just make a pattern from a bib you have).

head_shirtset stars

Villervalla summer romper


And another item I was so lucky to find during my holidays in Northern Denmark (and have been searching for a long time as well): a fresh summer romper from the swedish brand Villervalla. certified by Ökotex 100, price circa 21€, here in size 74, (found at Cool Kids in Løkken).



Being on holiday in Northern Denmark, I finally found a BUFF for our son! * so happy* I had been looking all over but could not find any that did not have a car pattern or the like. My boyfriend started wondering what was wrong with me, but let’s face it, a cool BUFF is hard to find, but once you found it, you enter a longlasting relationship with many happy moments outdoors. That’s what I wanted for our boy and I think I managed to find the right one: a colourful pattern with stick men.

Want a Baby BUFF, too? check out some examples here and a guide on how to wear a BUFF.

BUT last not least, I found this genius idea: use your adult buff as a swaddles for your newborn!